Tree trimming for safety, reliability and the trees' health

Did you know trees are the leading cause of power outages?

这就是为什么澳门网上真人赌博官网设计了一个修剪树木的计划,最大限度地减少树木冲突,最大限度地提高树木的健康和电力可靠性. To ensure we maintain a balance between nature and reliability, 澳门线上真人博彩官网只雇用经过认证的树艺师和有学位的林务员来监督澳门线上真人博彩官网的树木修剪活动. 基于澳门线上真人博彩官网的成功记录, we’ve been recognized by the National Arbor Day Foundation™, in cooperation with the National Association of State Foresters, as a Tree Line USA utility for the past 15 consecutive years.


只有合格的树木承包商才能修剪树木,特别是在电线周围. 报告树枝 那可能会干扰电力供应.


澳门线上真人博彩官网进行植被管理是澳门线上真人博彩官网承诺为客户提供安全可靠的电力服务的一部分. Trees in contact with electrical conductors are often problematic. 电力中断, 短暂的中断, 电致火灾, 个人财产损失, 甚至人身伤害都是潜在的后果. 和大多数公用事业一样, trees are among the leading causes of power outages on the 坦帕电 system. 澳门网上真人赌博官网的植被管理项目旨在最大限度地减少树木冲突,同时最大限度地提高系统可靠性.

In our commitment to safety, we strictly follow OSHA guideline ANSI z - 133, 哪条规定只有合格的线路间隙树木修剪工才能在电力公用线路的10英尺接近空间内进行树木修剪.

In addition to making tree safety around power lines a top priority, 澳门线上真人博彩官网鼓励您遵循以下准则:

  • 架空/地下线路间隙. Overhead power lines on or near your property can interact with trees, 造成电涌和其他潜在风险. Underground cables can also come into contact with the root systems of trees. Don't plant shrubs or flowers around electric transformers, which are located on the ground in a metal box on a concrete or plastic base.
  • 挖掘可能很危险. 安全 is the most important thing to remember when working with trees large and small. Be sure to call 811 before you dig on your property to plant or move a tree. 在挖掘页面之前了解更多信息.
  • 小心你的天线. 安装电视, 卫星或无线电天线要远离电力线——至少天线的高度再加10英尺.
  • 小心行事. Educate your children about electrical safety and make them aware of overhead power lines. 如果你的孩子打算放风筝,确保他们在远离电线的开阔地带. 又湿又脏的风筝线可以导电.


虽然这是澳门线上真人博彩官网的 服务的责任 负责实际维修服务线路, 每个客户都有责任保持他们的服务线路远离植被. 与电力基础设施(如电线)接触的植被可能导致电力中断或更危险的情况.

澳门线上真人博彩官网的合同采油树工作人员在日常维护期间定期评估服务电线. If there's a mechanical strain on the wire, crews may trim at that time. 在某些情况下,为了完全清除服务线路,需要客户进行进一步的工作.

澳门网上真人赌博官网, 应客户要求, de-energize (or "drop") the service wire to allow for the safe completion of such work. 只有有执照和受过训练的专业人员才能修剪电线和其他带电设备附近的树木. 澳门线上真人博彩官网敦促那些在电线附近修剪树木的人格外小心,以免造成严重伤害或死亡.

如果你认为你的电线有问题并希望澳门网上真人赌博官网重新评估它的状况, 请 报告一个问题 或联络澳门线上真人博彩官网的 客户服务部.


电力服务对你的家庭和社区是很重要的. 你的树也是如此. When we trim trees growing too near or into power lines, we prioritize both. 保持可靠性和树的健康, 坦帕电 adheres to the Florida Administrative Code, 第366章, 公共事业法令366.04, 国家电气安全标准(NESC)第21条, 第2部分, Rule 218 and the American National Standards Institute pruning standards (ANSI) A300, 第1部分, Part 7和Z-133, 以及特别的配套出版物, 最佳管理实践-树木的实用修剪.


坦帕电 uses qualified professional tree trimming contractors that follow ANSI a - 300 and OSHA guidelines to manage the vegetation around our electrical facilities. 为了做到这一点,澳门线上真人博彩官网使用两种类型的修剪:

  • 横向修剪:在自然剥离点移除树枝,以帮助促进修剪部位周围的愈合.
  • 定向修剪:故意修剪那些向导体方向生长的树枝,训练树木远离电力设施.

Cutting limbs to proper laterals helps minimize re-sprouting, which reduces the amount of re-growth into electrical facilities. 修剪 to a proper lateral does not harm the tree's natural defense systems. 相反,这有助于保护树木免受腐烂. Note: is not our primary intent to trim the whole tree or to trim for aesthetic purposes.


A tree that is not maintained on a routine cycle will assume its normal form, which may put it in danger of coming into contact with electrical infrastructure, resulting in the need to extensively prune or remove the tree.


澳门网上真人赌博官网的树木修剪人员努力减少对树木的修剪次数,以防止对树木造成严重伤害. 高质量植被管理的目的是去除向公用设施方向生长的整个树枝. 当指定间隙距离时(例如, 10英尺),应在规定距离以外的母枝的下一个合适的侧面进行切割.


定向修剪(也称为自然修剪)是最有效的,当树的特征,如大小, shape and expected growth rate are taken into consideration. 对设施正下方(左)或旁边(右)生长的树木进行适当的定向修剪,有助于引导未来树木远离设施生长.

Removal of overhanging vegetation may or may not be necessary, 取决于公用设施的类型, 树种和其他因素. 在高压输电线路等高优先级设施上,悬垂是绝对不可接受的.


排在, topping or stubbing severely damages trees (see diagram at left) is a discredited practice. Many tree species respond to this type of pruning with a flush of fast-growing sprouts, 它可以迅速超过设施(右).


Many palm species grow large enough to affect utility facilities. Their large fronds sway in the wind and may break free, causing damage to equipment. Palms cannot be reduced in height or directionally pruned like other trees. The best solution for palms interfering with utility facilities is removal or relocation.

*来源:树木的最佳管理实践实用修剪- ANSI A300第1部分:树的特殊伴侣出版物, 灌木, 和其他木本植物的维护。标准操作规程, 修剪. 国际树木栽培学会版权所有. 经允许使用. 国际树木栽培学会,P.O. 伊利诺伊州尚佩恩市3129号信箱61826-9411. 


当你种树的时候, 重要的是要考虑在哪里种植它们,并确保你种植的是正确的树木. 参考澳门线上真人博彩官网的 植树 & 安全指南 寻求帮助.


While we use pruning methods that prioritize the health of trees, you can do your part by planting trees and shrubs appropriate distances from power lines, 变压器和其他类型的电气设备. 因为城市和县的种植指南各不相同, 一定要检查那些适用于你的社区. 确定澳门网上真人赌博官网和佛罗里达州其他地下公用事业服务线路的位置, 电话免费 811.

通过精心管理和布局良好的植被,提高可靠性意味着您和您的邻居可以减少电力中断. More importantly, trees that touch power lines can create dangerous situations. In general, only licensed professionals should prune trees. That's especially true with trees near electrical infrastructure. 澳门线上真人博彩官网的工作人员只需填写网站表格或打个电话就可以了,所以如果你看到树木长到电线上,请告诉澳门线上真人博彩官网.

Energy efficiency and more As with safety and reliability, one of 坦帕电's top priorities is helping our customers save energy. We have numerous programs, many of them free, that can help. 树木也可以发挥作用.

你知道种植落叶树吗, 它们一年中有一段时间会落叶, 在你家的东西两侧,夏天可以冷却10度,冬天可以加热10度? Shading your air conditioning unit with trees can help it run more efficiently, reducing your electricity consumption by up to 10 percent. You can gain additional benefits by shading sidewalks, driveways and patios.


为了你种的树,这很重要, 还有环境, to plant native trees as much as possible and to avoid planting invasive species. Native plants are better suited to local growing conditions. 另一方面,入侵物种可能会失去控制,扼杀有益物种.

对佛罗里达友好的植物是那些, 虽然不是本地的, 在适当的地区和地带生长良好. 这里有适合佛罗里达的本土植物, 不仅物种更有可能繁衍生息, 而且植物和灌木也需要较少的水, 肥料和全面护理.


A. 这可能取决于几个因素, 包括树冠, 设备的使用年限和类型, 野生动物的活动等等.

A. 树木是造成停电的主要原因之一. 树木会导致停电、短暂中断或火灾. 澳门线上真人博彩官网的树修剪程序旨在最大限度地减少树冲突,同时最大限度地提高系统可靠性.

A. 澳门网上真人赌博官网 be able to trim trees more frequently, 适当的, 在极端天气事件中,什么应该限制树木碎片造成停电的可能性. This plan includes trimming up to 700 additional miles of trees each year.

A. 澳门网上真人赌博官网雇佣持证的树艺师和有学位的林务员来监督其修剪树木的活动.

In addition, all tree contractors are line-clearance qualified arborists. 坦帕电 has been awarded the Tree Line USA designation for 15 consecutive years.

A. 坦帕电 complies with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards. We primarily use two types of pruning, which meet those standards:

  • 横向修剪:在自然剥离点移除树枝,以帮助促进修剪部位周围的愈合.
  • 定向修剪:故意修剪那些向导体方向生长的树枝,训练树木远离电气设备.

将四肢切到适当的侧面有助于减少发芽, which reduces the amount of re-growth into electrical equipment. 修剪 to a proper lateral does not harm the tree's natural defense systems. 相反,这有助于保护树木免受腐烂.

A. Trees can interfere with overhead power lines on or near your property, 造成电涌和其他潜在风险. Underground cables can also come into contact with the root systems of trees.

你和你的邻居可以通过避免在变压器周围种植灌木或鲜花来提供帮助, which are located on the ground in a metal box on a concrete or plastic base. 参考澳门线上真人博彩官网的 植树 & 安全指南 学习正确的树木如何安全地种植和维护,使澳门线上真人博彩官网的社区变得美丽.

适用于大大小小的挖掘工程, Florida law states that property owners and excavators MUST call 811 or go to sunshine811.com 在挖掘前至少两个完整的工作日,在挖掘现场标记地下公用线路.

这是 循序渐进的过程 它是如何工作的. 在挖掘之前没有拨打811导致佛罗里达人无意中撞到了地下公用线路, 哪些会导致伤害, 处罚, 维修费用, 以及不方便的公用事业服务中断.